3 studio rental days for the price of 1 this month only!

3 For 1 Studio Days If Booked In February 2021

Need an incentive to get your marketing content produced? Book time at RAD Creative Studio in February and get three studio days for the price of one ten hour day. Get the details here.

3 For 1 Studio Rental 

You get: 

  • 3 Consecutive 10 hour studio days at RAD Creative Studio
  • Total cost: $1,500 (Valued at $4,500, that is a $3,000 savings)

How to book it: 

1. Email bookings@radcreativestudio.com with the dates you'd like to book, or questions you may have.

2. If you want to speak with someone, schedule a 15 mins phone chat here.

3. To secure your dates, send us proof of insurance and a $500 security deposit. If you don't have insurance, we have a low cost solution that only requires you to cover the fees. 

4. $1,500 due 3 days before your booking date. 

5. Security deposited refunded within 3 days of last booking date. 

6. Pls see studio rules on FAQ section on home page.